Yin Yang

Not many of you know me as this is probably your first time ever coming across my page. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chenele. I am 26 years old and I am an American. America is a great country to live in as there are so many opportunities to advancement and some things are just readily available. However, that is not what I am here to talk about today. We are here to discuss Yin Yang.

I just recently started reading up on it as many ailments have come into my life that my doctors are quick to throw pills at in order to treat the symptoms, but not the cause. It has come to my attention that most doctors do that. I don’t believe it’s because they simply wish to ignore the cause or because they are after your money, but perhaps in our modern medicine we simply cannot treat the cause because we do not know the cause.

First, let’s look at Yin Yang. Yin and Yang is a fundamental concept in Chinese philosophy. It is two halves creating a wholeness. It represents balance and balance is needed for everything in life. There is dark to light, good to bad, male to female and old to young. Yin Yang, in my opinion, tie into the body. How does this affect the body though? As I said, Yin Yang is a balance.

Yang – Yin

Exterior – Interior

Back – Front

Head – Body

Above the waist – Below the waist

Activity – Rest

And so on…

We know it isn’t healthy to stay awake all day. Just as we know it isn’t health to only eat junk food. Just like the world requires balance to function, our bodies require balance to maintain health. When there is an unbalance we begin to see ailments and illness such as cancer, headaches, high blood pressure, etc. How do we fix this? We must first look into WHERE the ailment is coming from. If something is going on internally with the body, then our Yin is unbalanced and if something is going on externally with the body, then it is our Yang. Only once we begin to truly understand the connection can we begin to heal and balance our bodies.

Please join me on this journey…

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