Dear Chenele

Dear Chenele,

                Today marks the 27th year I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you. Girl, you know we have had some wild rides. I would have NEVER dreamed that we would have made it this far. Through the heartbreak, through the losses, through the tears, we’ve made it. We’ve discovered talents that we didn’t even know were talents. Our mindset about life has changed. We’ve got friends that are always there for us. We even have two new loves whose eyes light up every time they see their mama. I sit back and I laugh just thinking about it all. You’ve learned so much through these years and I see growth in your every day. (And I’m not just talking about your hair, girl.) Your smile shines as bright as those rings on your fingers. The way you care for yourself now is truly an inspiration. There is so much self-love flooding out of you. The glow on your face… amazing. You finally hold your head up high and think of yourself as the queen God created you to be.

                I’ve watched as you work through your depression and your anxiety. And even when they bring you down, you never truly let them get the best of you. I’ve seen the scars and the bruises. I’ve felt the pain, but you always bounce back. They can NEVER truly count you out. I know you’ve still got a long way you want to go and I know you’re going to work hard to achieve the life you want to achieve. I just wanted to take a moment and appreciate you for everything. When times are hard, I want you to look back on this letter and realize how far you’ve come. You have the strength to make it. I want you to never doubt yourself or deny your feelings because life is too short. I want you to experience everything you want to experience. Earn that “World Traveler” title, girl! You can do whatever you set your mind to.

                People may try to get you down. They may try to crush your dreams. They may break your heart, but never let them break your spirit. Easier said than done, I know. But I also know you’re a fighter. You have favor on your side, Queen, and don’t you ever forget it. Now get out there; live your live, accomplish your dreams and never stop loving yourself.



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