How to Deal with Stress

At some point of time I’m sure the stress of life has gotten to us and we’ve all thought about running away. Many times, I myself just sit and ponder question like:

What if I just sold all my stuff and moved to a new country?

How far can I go if I just fill up my car and drive? Where will I end up?

Will my puppies REALLY be fine living in a RV when one of them HATES car rides?

How can I fake my own death?

Alas, running away is never the answer. You must learn how to deal with your stress or at least have an escape from it. Stress as we know IS a silent killer and it can come from different sources whether it is your job, your family, your current living situation, etc. I haven’t learned how to completely STOP the stress, but throughout my 27 years on this planet I HAVE learned how to better manage it. I know not everyone experiences stress the same way and my methods may not work for everyone, but if I can help at least ONE person then I’ve got to try. So here they go!

  • Listen to music

I personally prefer classical music when it comes to helping me manage my stress. As a person with anxiety and depression I have learned that my brain reacts better when classical music is pumping through my ears. Studies have shown that listening to classical music enhances activity of genes involved in dopamine secretion (the feel-good hormone) and “transport synaptic function, learning and memory.” Instrumentals are good as well. If you’ve ever been to a spa and they have music playing in the background you will notice it is either classical or instrumental because a spa is meant to be a relaxing stress-free environment. So, turn up the music and drown out the world, butterfly.

  • Meditate

I meditate to “quiet the storm of my mind.” My meditation usually involves me in a supine position with the sounds of the water playing in the background. Meditation increases positive emotions and reduces stress related conditions such as anxiety and depression. When I start, I DO concentrate on my breathing. (This is the ONLY time I notice I am a belly breather.) After a while I tend to “drift” away and only come back when my alarm clock begins to sound. Each session has a different timeframe. I judge it on how I am currently feeling. Sometimes I will do a 7 minute session and sometimes it’ll be 45 minutes. The session all depends on what you need.

  • Travel

Traveling provides me with the most stress relief. There is something about being away from my responsibilities that is comforting. This is the closest thing to running away, butterflies. Booking a vacation, whether you have an itinerary or not, can be very relaxing and it doesn’t have to be a long stint either. Sometimes I take the day and drive down to Palm Coast just to chill on their beach. Now if you are like me then I HIGHLY don’t recommend traveling during peak times such as summer vacation, spring break, etc. (Personally, I’m not a fan of kids or large crowds. Anything more than 10 people and I begin to question my life decisions.) My goal in life is to take at least 3 vacations a year. This way I KNOW that 3 out of 12 months I will be able to have my escape. I will have my much-needed stress relief. Maybe we’ll cross paths or maybe you’ll join one of my group trips. Who knows?

  • Sex

That one right there is pretty much self-explanatory. I do not feel the need to go into that one.

That’s it. Those are the 4 methods I chose to help me with my stressful life, and they have been working. Granted, sometimes my anxiety and depression peak like nobody’s business and it is in those times that I just let them run their course. However, this is a post about stress and not mental illness. Believe me, if I KNEW how to “solve” anxiety and depression I’d give away the solution for free to everyone. What are some ways you manage your stress? I’m always open to hearing from my followers.

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