Today, I Lost the One I Love…

Today I lost the one I love so excuse me if you see me crying. I felt them come into the room, I could hear them calling my name, but I couldn't form any words. The tears stifled my voice because I know I can't let them hear me cry. I've been taught that it's… Continue reading Today, I Lost the One I Love…

The Journey of Self: 8 Keys to Guide You

1.Breathe Breathe. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Inhale. Exhale. We do it on a regular basis. It comes naturally to us. There are many definitions surrounding the word “breathe”, but my favorite of the bunch is “to feel free of restraint.” I can’t help but think of Elsa’s “Let It Go,” when I think… Continue reading The Journey of Self: 8 Keys to Guide You

The Spookies are Upon Us

September in my house is the beginning of all things "spooky." This is the time when the Halloween decorations are brought out from storage, when Halloween decor is flooding the stores and when I personally feel the happiest. Now don't get me wrong, I love summer just as much as the next person, but this… Continue reading The Spookies are Upon Us

Dear Chenele

Dear Chenele,                 Today marks the 27th year I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you. Girl, you know we have had some wild rides. I would have NEVER dreamed that we would have made it this far. Through the heartbreak, through the losses, through the tears, we’ve made it. We’ve discovered talents that we didn’t… Continue reading Dear Chenele